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THMG114 – Dealing with an Officer question


We got this question from a loyal listener and thought that there are many scenarios that this would be beneficial to unpack on the show.

Thanks for listening and watching!


Hey Guys,
I’ve been a big fan of you guys for a while. Love your show.
I feel (as well as you guys) that Reconnaissance of a HazMat run should be done in Bunker gear/Turnouts, with meters pH paper, F paper, M8/M9, etc. I work with a senior HazMat Captain that determines which set of PPE is appropriate.
We have many types to choose from: Bunker gear, Tyvek, Level B (Splash), Level A, etc.
I know that chemistry/physics and permeation charts & books should determine proper PPE. He feels that his rank should suffice, and any question of PPE is an affront to his rank and complete disrespect.
I’ve tried the “With all due respect Captain, I disagree”, with him. He just won’t hear it.
He’s not a “Level A, everyday” kind of guy. But he doesn’t believe Bunker gear is sufficient protection from an unknown (It seems to work on fires).
How do I deal with an “Over-Protective” supervisor?
Your thoughts!! Let me know if you’ll do a Podcast on this.
A Southern California HazMat Guy

The Hazmat Guys

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