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THMG113 – Energy Storage Systems with Paul Rogers


In his second appearance on this show, Paul Rogers answers a listener question that was sent to us from Captain Rich Nudd. Paul goes into the gases liberated and the firefighting aspects of dealing with this type of emergency

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Here in Las Vegas we are seeing an increase in the installation of lithium ion battery packs (LG / Mercedes / Tesla) for backup power for solar power systems. These systems have a small amount of elemental lithium in them.
We are trying to obtain information as to the toxic gases released when these units burn or decompose in the heat of fire, but have been unable to find any legitimate information.
do you have any experience with these units or know of a reliable resource?
Captain Richard Nudd

1- What are the major toxic gases found from LI batteries? We have researched this and found references to the common gases found in plastic fires but more disturbing is the formation of Hydrogen Fluoride gas (Scientific Reports, 2017;7:10018)

2- What is the suggested extinguishing material for LI battery fires? The ERG states- Do not use water or foam, apply dry chem, soda ash, lime or sand. The research from Tesla on their Power Walls suggests to use a straight stream to knock the fire down.

3- Do you consider the run off from fighting these fires as a hazmat? I can find no information on decomposition product measurements in run off from extinguishment operations.

4- What is the best detection technology for testing turnouts after a fire and to test the area prior to overhaul? Is GC-MS the way to go?

5- What would you consider the best PPE once the fire is out? Level B with an SCBA?

6- What are the electrical concerns post fire?

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