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Ask The HazMat Guys

Episode 001: Introduction to the Show
Episode 002: 
When dealing with propane leaks, do I want a gas or a liquid?
What is a starting point for a new person on a team?
What's the correlation between LEL, UEL, and MEC?
What should be your PPE selection on a sulfuric acid spill?
Episode 003:
Does humidity have an effect on your meter?
Why is molecular weight not able to indicate specific gravity?
How do you transport a vehicle with a leaking CNG cylinder?
How do you detecting alpha radiation inside your body?
Episode 004:
What is an IBC?
Do we have to wear long sleeves and pants inside a Level A?
What is the difference between CAS numbers and RTECS numbers in the NIOSH?
When the new NFPA garment standards come out am I still in compliance?
Episode 005:
Do we need to ground and bond?
Do I need a PASS alarm in a level A?
What is the difference between Mexican and American Placards?
Can I wear knee pads with a level A?
Episode 006:
How do elevated O2 levels increase flammability?
What type of sensor should your team buy?
What’s the difference between ions and isotopes?
How do you manage propane tanks in transit?
Episode 007:
Will vapors burn in a Drum?
How come I can’t see level in a propane tank with TIC?
What is the difference between butane and isobutane?
Are we sexist?